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Julian Ewers-Peters
Freelance App Developer
  • Freelance

    I am a freelance software engineer with over ten years of professional experience. Using technologies like C# .NET, Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI, I will develop your high-quality, cross-platform application. From idea to launch, I will bring your app to life in no-time.

  • Cross-platform

    Why cross-platform development? Using a single codebase for multiple platforms, it reduces costs and speeds up the delivery of applications to customers on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.

  • Modern practices

    As an advocate of modern software development principles and practices such as Clean Code, Test-Driven Development and SOLID, I always strive to deliver maintainable and extensible code. In C# .NET based projects, I apply the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern to separate the business logic from the UI and deliver testable code.

  • Wealth of experience

    As an experienced developer, open source contributor, active member of the Stack Overflow community and developer of several open source components for Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

10+ years experience
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Hire Me

Let's build something amazing and deliver value to your customers together.

  • Projects

    You can hire me for your .NET based application and software development projects, I offer both mobile and desktop application development. Whether it's a small, medium or large project, working in a team or alone, I will help you with app architecture, development practices, stability, automated tests, refactoring, coaching and more.

  • Industry knowledge

    With my professional experience as a software engineer in the Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Medical Software and Personal Training industries, I can quickly adapt to industry needs and help you and your team to hit the target.

  • Availability

    Based in Germany, I am available for contracts throughout the European Union. With fluency in both English and German, and basic knowledge in Spanish and Portuguese, I am a flexible and versatile developer for international collaboration. Availability and hourly rate on request.

  • Get in touch

    You are interested in a working with me? Great, just hit me up on LinkedIn or drop me an E-Mail and let's discuss your project.


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